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Tourist traffic to Badrinath


The temple-town of Sri Badrinath has always been a favourite of both tourists and pilgrims. In spite of the gruelling drive from Haridwar- it takes about 11-12 hours, the number of visitors has been increasing steadily over the years as can be seen in the graph above. In the years 2011 and 2012 the number of visitors had crossed an all-time high of over 9.8 lakhs.
Then came the disaster of June 2013 when heavy rainfalls across Uttarakhand caused massive flash-floods and landslides, specially in the Kedarnath valley. Tourist arrivals to Badrinath immediately dropped to zero after June 2013, but by then the figure for the year had already touched 5 lakhs.
The following year 2014 was also a disaster, in the matter of tourist arrivals. Badrinath received only 1.8 lakh visitors. This same pattern was naturally seen in the other important destinations on the tourist trail, such as Joshimath.

Since then the tourist arrivals has been steadily picking up. The year 2016 saw the figure cross 6 lakhs for Badrinath and it is estimated that in 2017 the previous record of 9.8 lakhs has been reached again. We are trying to get some official confirmation on the latest figures and will keep you posted.

Latest visitor figures can be seen HERE.


Badrinath Temple- Main Entrance
Sri Badrinath Temple


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