Char-dham footfall update

Badrinath temple in 1906
Sri Badrinath temple in 1906.
In our blog dated 25 May 2018 we wrote on the subject of tourist and pilgrims visiting Badrinath, one of the most popular tourist and pilgrim destinations in Uttarakhand. You could see how the footfalls slumped after the June 2013 disaster and has been slowly recovering since then.
Well, here are some encouraging figures. The footfalls for the year 2018, as on 22 October 2018 shows a strong rebound in traffic to all the four dhams. In fact the figures show that the visitor footfalls for all the four shrines has already crossed that of 2017. This is the case even though there is still time for the closing dates for all the four shrines.
Note: We thank the Chamoli District Police for the statistics
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