Night Travel Rules for Char Dham Route

Night Travel Rules for Char Dham Route (2018)

This is a very important news for tourists travelling on the Char Dham route. 
We have come to know the hard way that Uttarakhand Government has brought out a traffic rule that vehicles will not be able to ply on the Char Dham route after 8pm in the evening. Apparently this rule is supposed to help the travellers because the chances of accidents increase at night, and it is understandable if such a rule is put in place during thr monsoon rains. But the monsoon has not hit Uttarakhand yet.
   So now the local police put up barriers at the various small towns on the way and prevent tourists from proceeding to their destinations after 8pm.
The chaos at the barriers and the hardship to the travellers can be imagined. Now the tired travellers are forced to look for a room at small towns on the way where hardly any quality accommodation exists. Even tourists who have confirmed booking paid for in advance are not spared from this drastic rule, and are not allowed to proceed further.
  There is of course a bright side to this strange rule- the wayside hotels near these barriers are making hay while the rule applies!
So travellers, please note: if you have a confirmed booking, try to reach your destination at any cost before 8pm!

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