Rooms & Booking

The resort has two types of rooms- Deluxe rooms and Swiss Tents. The Deluxe Rooms are traditional brick and mortar structures we all re familiar with. The Swiss Tents on the other hand, are made of heavy canvas draped on a metal frame. The outer roof canopy of the tents have been reinforced with sheet metal on lattice frame so that it can withstand the weight of snow in winters.

Deluxe Rooms:

There are three Deluxe Rooms in the resort.Each has its own unique design and character, but all the rooms have balconies allowing magnificent panoramic views of the mountains. The tents have verandahs giving the same panoramic view. All the rooms have attached bathrooms fitted with hot-water geysers. The location of the resort is such that the summers are very pleasant and there is no need for air-conditioners even at the height of summer. During winters room heaters are provided.LCD TVs and intercoms are fitted in all Deluxe rooms.


Line-up of the 4 swiss tents

Swiss Tents:
The resort has five Luxury Swiss Tents.
Four of the tents are in a single line and ideal for groups, while one tent is separate. All the tents have attached bathrooms fitted with geysers for hot water. The tent room size are 12×12 feet and has enough room to comfortably accommodate a double bed and coffee-table and chairs. All swiss tents have intercoms. Please note that tent-rooms do not have TVs.

Swiss Tent: Inside view

How to book the Rooms:
As a standard practice we prefer that our guests book our rooms on-line. An inventory of three Deluxe rooms and three Swiss Tents have been allotted to the various On-line Booking Sites for on-line booking. All the sites are linked in real-time by a channel manager so there can be no overlap of booking or over-booking. Please note that if a room is not available at any one of the booking sites, then it will automatically not be available at the other booking sites also, as they all are linked by a common channel manager.

In case of large groups, or where a guest is unable to make a continuous booking for multiple days, we can then intervene to release our reserve rooms to fill the gaps. We keep one Deluxe room and two Tents in reserve for such eventualities. In such cases we request our guests to contact us for our intervention.

The on-line sites where booking can be made for our rooms are given below. All are hyper-linked to take you to the respective booking sites.


You can also book directly with us by clicking our icon below.

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