Season’s First Snowfall in Auli

Snowfall in Auli
Auli received its first snowfall of this winter season on 28 November 2019

This winter season’s first snowfall in Auli occurred on the night of 17 November and on 28 November 2019. The 4 to 5 inches of snowfall on these days managed to give Auli a complete blanket of snow right from the lower reaches where the road ends at the public parking lot.

The foto above, taken on 29 November, shows the extent of snowfall. The upper areas of Auli and the Gorson bugyal above Auli received heavier snowfall.

As of date of writing this piece (9 December 2019) the snow is still there on the Auli slopes, although to a lesser extent. The roads and the parking lot is now free of snow. The highest point of Auli slopes is where the cable car offloads its passengers. The snow blanket is still plentiful around this area and in the forests and slopes above to welcome tourists.

However, those interested in doing some serious skiing are advised to time their visit from mid-January onwards till February end since it is expected that by this time further snowfall in Auli will have achieved some 2-3 feet of snow thickness, and skiing will be in full swing.

Last winter Auli received a record snowfall and even the town of Joshimath, which rarely receives heavy snowfall, was covered in snow during end January 2019. If the same trend is seen this winter, then we can expec an extended skiing in Auli in January and February 20020.

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