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The last two years were pretty difficult years for us, as indeed it has been for the hospitality and tourism sector as a whole. At onset of the first wave of COVID-19, we closed the Hotel in March 2020 and reopened only in December 2020 when the pandemic subsided. We had a good but short lived winter season because the second wave of COVID-19 again forced us to close down the establishment in March 2021. Since then we had remained closed and it is only now in September 2021 that we have opened again for business.


Joshimath has two peak tourist seasons: the Summer tourist season extends from April to July, coinciding with the opening of the Char Dham Yatra. The last two years the Badrinath Temple was off limits to visitors due to the corona pandemic, and so the summer seasons were a total washout. We are hopeful that if the second wave of COVID-19 remains controlled as it is at the moment, we may yet have a good winter tourist season in Joshimath and the rest of Uttarakhand.


For this reason we wish to advise our guests to kindly keep the following points in mind while planning their trip to this area:

  1. The Badrinath Temple is still currently closed to visitors. The matter of opening the Temple is in the Hon’ble Supreme Court and the High Court, and the Uttarakhand Govt is fully engaged in securing the Courts’ approval for opening the Temple to visitors. We will post the news when this happens but meanwhile, your travel plan should take this point into consideration. (You can still visit Badrinath town and the last village Mana, 6km further on).
  2. If the Temple visit is not a dealbreaker for your visit, the other places of tourist interest are still open to you, such as: the Ski slopes of Auli (12 km from Joshimath town), trek to Valley of Flowers (open only till early October), drive to Niti(80km) the last village on the Indo-Tibet border.
  3. Certification requirements w.r.t COVID-19 are now relaxed. The latest guidelines on the subject issued by the Uttarakhand Government SOP no: 529/USDMA/792(2020) dated 6 September 2021. If you have had both doses of Covid vaccine, you do not need to carry a Rt-PCR test report.[see the relevant para HERE].  Same applies for the taxi driver if you employ one. [See the relevant para HERE.] . To see the full document Uttarakhand Government SOP no: 529/USDMA/792(2020) dated 6 September 2021 click HERE.


For Booking Rooms at Dream Mountain Resort:

Please note that currently our online booking is only through Airbnb. Please click the link below, which will take you to our Airbnb site showing all our rooms.



You can also book directly by contacting 8449063652 or sending a WhatsApp message to this number.

In addition, you can mail us at- dreammountain@yahoo.com

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